#29. Fineliners, Johanna Basford and the rule of three, with @emilyillustrator

November 3, 2018

Emily Laughlin is a illustrator, and colorista, known for her delicate and beautiful versions of Johanna Basford´s art. 

In this episode you get to know her, and what it is about Johanna´s books, fineliners and Ergosoft pencils, that she likes so much. 

We also talk about her "rule of three", and how she achieves balance in her pictures. 

And of course, what she, and Johanna Basford, talked about, when they met in person, earlier this year!

#28. You can put glitter on anything! With @readingwithpugs

October 27, 2018

She has a big youtubechannel, and a popular Facebookgroup, and love to color, her pugs, and reading. 

In this episode you get to know Jen, more known as "Reading with pugs", and hear her coloring story.

We talk about how it started, why she loves to color Halloween- and Christmas-pictures, why the coloring helps her with her pain, and why she loves glitter so much! 

#27. Dreams, and imaginary friends, with Karolina Kubikowska

October 20, 2018

She works as tattooer, in Warsaw, Poland, and has made three coloring books: Po Drugiej Stronie Snu, Ticket to dreams, and Imaginary friends, that just was released. 

In this episode you get to know Karolina Kubikowska, and find out more about her coloring books, and why they are a bit darker than most other coloring books. 

#26. Color outside the lines, with Sherri Williams (@pipssqueakk)

October 14, 2018

She´s coloring all the time, and make fantastic additions, and transformations, of pictures in coloring books. Her latest coloring is a Halloween-picture, where she completely changed a beautiful woman in Hanna Karlzon´s Magical Dawn, into a scary, angel of death. In this episode we talk about how she did this masterpiece, and how she did some of her other beautiful colorings.

We also talk about how her coloring book passion started, in 2015, when her daughter was really, really sick. And how it´s possible that she made one of her best colorings, while she actually was sleeping!

#25. Millie Marotta

September 14, 2018

Meet Millie Marotta, the popular illustrator behind the Animal Kingdom, Wild Savannah, Tropical Wonderland, Curious Creatures and Beautiful Birds coloring books. 

In this episode you get to know her a bit more, hear about her creative process, and how the coloring book-success has changed her life. 

And of course we also talk about her brand new coloring book; Wildlife wonders.

#24. The swedish coloring book-meetup

September 10, 2018

Twice a year there is a big coloring book-meetup in Västervik, Sweden, and it´s so much fun to meet some of your coloring friends IRL! 

In this episode I interview five of my friends: persons you maybe already met on Instagram, because they are all active in the community. 

You will hear: Marie (@ladynorwega88), Réka (@rekacolour), Anna (@putsomecolortoit), Elin (@elinwallgren83) and Marie (mjaurimakes)

#23. Johanna Basford

August 30, 2018

Meet the wonderful illustrator Johanna Basford, the creator of Secret garden, Enchanted forest, Lost ocean, Magical jungle, Johanna´s christmas and Ivy and the inky butterfly. In this episode we talk about her upcoming coloring book; World of flowers and why she loves flowers and leaves so much. We also talk about how her passion for drawing and coloring started once upon a time, and why she thought that coloring books for adults could be a thing, back then, when it didn´t exist and no one else believed in the idea. 

#22. We miss you so much Katrine, part 2: with @sarah_colors_official and @chevyangel_2011

August 25, 2018

Katrine, @alwayscoloring, inspired so many people in the coloring community, with her art, her livestreams, her laughter and her friendship. After she passed away, very sudden, earlier this summer, a whole community has been in chock. In this episode I talk to two of her close coloring friends, Sarah in Australia, and Angel in US. 

#21. We miss you so much Katrine, part 1 - with Alexander (@dirt_weasel)

August 16, 2018

She was such wonderful, talented, kind and popular person in the coloring community, and passed away way to soon, just 23 years old. In this episode I talk to her much loved boyfriend, Alexander. 

#20. Creating color-magic, with budget penils, with @peni_ssaem

June 9, 2018

You don´t need to buy expensive pencils, to make magical colorings! Meet the talented Peni, from Indonesia, who creates amazing, pop-out leaves in Johanna Basfords "Magical Jungle", with just cheap, local, pencils. 

In this episode she tells us how she is doing these colorful jungle-pages, and what it is about the jungle that she loves so much. And why she´s not using green on her leaves. 

Other topics: Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Indonesian comedy tv!