#31. A shared passion for coloring books, experiments and divas (or “who is who”), with Michel and Matheus (@math_michel)

November 18, 2018


At their first anniversery as couple, Matheus bought a coloring book to Michel. They both realized that they loved to color together, and now they have over 500 coloring books and a huge collection of coloring supplies.

In this episode you get to know Matheus and Michel, more known as @math_michel on Instagram, from Brasil. 

We talk about some of their beautiful colorings, and where they find inspiration for them. Like the lama, they met on a trip to Machu Pichu, that they named Joseff, and then colored in a book when they came home. 

Every day they color two hours together, while talking and listening to music. And they are never afraid of making mistakes in the books, because the experimenting is the thing they like most, no matter what the result will be.